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Charged Representations is Courtney Harge's regular column on The Clyde Fitch Report. There she discusses issues of race, theater, representation and identity at the intersection of arts and politics.

Meet the Project: Catacomb of Veils
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Each month Fractured Atlas features one of its fiscally sponsored projects who have been successful at using our program to advance their art/cause/career. This month’s featured project is Catacomb of Veils.

What is Catacomb of Veils?

Catacomb of Veils is a very large, habitable sculpture created for Burning Man 2016. Extending over an area of 220 feet across and covering nearly 19,000 square feet of the desert ground, Catacomb of Veils rises to 60 feet in elevation like a rocky outcropping of the Playa floor evoking Black Rock Point itself. Formally, it is two conjoined pyramids with a path that winds up on the Eastern Pyramid of the Catacomb. From this vantage point, participants can begin their descent inward. Hints of ancient relics adorn the walls, as shafts of light illuminate effigies and offerings. The journey culminates in an inner sanctum — a Sanctum of Veils — a confluence of concealment, revelation and realms beyond our own, a subtle reminder of the questions of life.

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