Courtney Harge

Arts Administrator | Fundraiser | Entrepreneur | Director

My name is Courtney Harge and I am an Arts Administrator, Fundraiser, Entrepreneur, and Theater Director based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

My name is Courtney and I love to talk.

Things I Love To Talk About:

  • Art
  • Theater
  • Planning
  • Business Models
  • Fundraising
  • Your Passions

Things I Love To Learn About:

  • The Work You're Doing
  • The Work You Want To Be Doing
  • The Work We Should Be Doing
  • Whom We Should Be Working For
  • Anything
  • Everything 

Things I'd Love To Help You Do:

  • Strategic and Program Planning
  • Fundraising Coaching 
  • Administrative Support
  • Crowdfunding Coaching
  • Resource and Information Sharing
  • Making Your Artistic Life Easier

I am also the Founding Artistic Director of Colloquy Collective, an emerging theater organization whose mission is to be a theatrical space for the performer of color to expand his or her professional repertoire while recognizing the unique experiences created by his or her identity, history, and community. Through that, Colloquy Collective will expose the audience – particularly the audience of color—to the theatrical canon in contexts that acknowledges the identities, histories, and communities of that audience.

Ultimately, I want to continue to support artists creatively and adminstratively in all their endeavors. Thanks for visiting and I would love to hear from you:  Courtney [dot] Harge [at] gmail [dot] com.